Ted has worked for the better part of a decade in the clean tech industry. After collecting an advanced renewable energy degree from Stanford University, he began his career as a financial analyst working for Bloomberg New Energy Finance in New York. While at Bloomberg, Mr. Hesser directed the company’s energy smart technology research practice in North America. After Bloomberg, he worked as the director of research for a start-up private equity firm focused on environmentally sound commodity-type investments. Six months into an investment due diligence process for the off-grid solar industry, Ted decided to join a leading start-up in the space named D.light Design as their Manager for New Market Strategy.  

Throughout his clean energy career Mr. Hesser authored dozens of publications focused on industry trends, policy implications, technology innovations and investment dynamics associated with the world’s transition to a lower carbon future. He has been quoted in numerous media outlets, such as Bloomberg Television, Businessweek, GreenTechMedia and the HuffingtonPost, and his research has been cited by the United States Senate and the House of Representatives. In addition to his career in clean energy Ted has also worked as a professional rock climber with The North Face and National Geographic in the Himalaya’s, culminating in being featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine in France and Georgia in 2012. Mr. Hesser received a BA in physics from The Colorado College, where he then taught physics for a year upon graduation, and an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University, where he taught courses for Professor Mark Jacobson.